Youth Services Summer Programs Go Virtual in Spite of Virus National Grip

With schools closed, afterschool programs shuttered and summer programs in the balance, what is an agency that provides services to the youth of Pulaski County to do?  Keep with its spirit and passion of supporting youth of our county, that’s what!

“That’s who we are,” Pulaski County Youth Services Director Jamie Scott said. “My staff is committed to the parents and kids in our programs. I feel it is important that we stay connected and give them a sense of normalcy during an ‘abnormal’ event.”

Faced with social distancing directives from the governor, Pulaski County Youth Services brainstormed ways in which to keep their parents and participants engaged. PCYS plans to launch a virtual programming campaign through the department’s Facebook page to include virtual college tours, weekly reading led by community leaders, and exercise programs with PCYS partners.

“The idea of virtual programming started with Virtual Signing Day,” said Scott. “Our seniors are graduating this year without the pomp and circumstance. Many have been in our programs for years. This was our way of celebrating their accomplishments,” she said. “It has been well received by the students and parents. We’ve even showcased our own staff who have completed college degrees.”

PCYS is also providing virtual educational, artistic and fun courses for youth of all ages as well as their parents. Beginning in May, we have a myriad of activities that the families of Pulaski County can participate in, including: Social and Emotional Health Sessions, Language – Spanish and Sign Language Sessions, Fitness – Cardio and Yoga Sessions, Arts – Painting and Cookie Decorating Sessions, Recess – Fun and Dancing with DJ Dez and much more! Keep up with the latest PCYS programs and visit the PCYS Facebook page for more information.