What does that sign mean?

Do you know what that yellow, rectangular road sign with the stripes means? Most people don’t know either, and that’s why for the rest of the 2023 year, we will be tackling all signs related to Pulaski County roads, parks and recreational signs and more! 

There are tons of signs to know, and we’re here to help you learn the most common ones you’ll see while driving, biking, hiking or camping in Pulaski County. Be on the lookout for weekly signage content, so we can continue to help Pulaski County stay safe on the roads.



This sign indicates a sharp left turn up ahead. The arrow can be facing either left or right.

The number listed with the arrow advises drivers to take the sharp curve at 15 miles per hour.

This sign represents a slight S-curve up ahead. Underneath the diamond sign is a square sign with a suggested speed for the S-curve. This is an advisory speed, which means that in any condition (except snow/ice) you can take that S-curve at 35 miles per hour and be perfectly fine, rain or shine.

This sign is called a directional chevron. When you are inside a curve, it indicates which direction the curve is going. These can be facing left or right and there are usually several spaced out within a curve to keep you on the right track.

This is a directional arrow, indicating which way the road you are traveling on is going. These are usually placed ahead of a curve as an indicator of which way the curve is  turning. They can be facing either left or right.

This sign features a double arrow, indicating that at the end of the road you are driving on, you must either turn left or right. You cannot continue to go straight.

This is an object-end-marker sign. The lines on this sign are slanting to the right, indicating that there is an object on the right. These are usually placed on the side of the road, the shoulder or the ditch to indicate things like a culvert, a head wall, bridge end and more.

This sign warns drivers that there is a school bus stop ahead. These are placed in areas that are designated pick-up and drop-off zones for school buses. It is important to take note of these signs before and after school hours especially, as kids are being picked up or dropped off. It is Arkansas State Law that you must stop when a school bus has its flashing lights on and its stop sign extended.

This sign indicates a pedestrian street crossing.

Drivers must yield to pedestrians when they are crossing a crosswalk. 

This is a standard speed limit sign. It tells drivers the maximum speed you are allowed to drive on the road you are on.

This sign indicates that there is a stop sign up ahead. This warns drivers to start slowing down for the stop sign coming up.

This is a stop sign. This means you must completely stop your car before continuing. 

This stop sign indicates a four-way stop. That means there are four ways that the traffic is coming from and each side must stop before continuing. At a four-way stop, whoever stops first gets to go first. It is then continued by the second person who arrived at a complete stop, and so on.