Storm Drain Illicit Discharge

Pulaski County passed a stormwater management ordinance in 2007. This ordinance was passed to assist in keeping local waterways clean and free of debris and other contaminates by regulating residential and commercial development, as well as illicit discharges.

Did you know gray water is considered wastewater?

According to the ordinance gray water is considered wastewater, defined as any water or liquid, other than uncontaminated storm water, discharged from a facility.  Wastewater dispensed into a County drainage system, street, catch basin, gutter, ditch, man-made channel, or any other storm drain is considered an illicit discharge and can be harmful to local waterways.

Illicit discharges can be reported to the Pulaski County Road & Bridge Department or by the Pulaski Works App, available through Iphone or Android download.

For more information regarding stormwater contact the Road & Bridge Department or visit the Pulaski County Road & Bridge website: