Pulaski County Coroner
Pulaski County Central Health
3915 West 8th
Third Floor
Little Rock, AR 72204

Business hours:
Monday – Friday
8:00 AM to 4:00 PM
After hours-On call Deputy

Office 501-340-8355
Fax 501-340-8358


A Coroner’s Report is prepared according to Arkansas Law and may be released upon request to family members and insurance agencies. Exceptions are cases ruled “homicide” or “underdetermined”. Those cases require additional authorization from the prosecuting attorney or a court order.

Email, mail or fax your written request containing the following information to our office:

  • Name of decedent
  • Date of decedent’s birth
  • Date of decedent’s death
  • YOUR name
  • YOUR mailing address or email (indicate how the report should be sent)
  • YOUR telephone number

All other parties requesting information must make a formal FOIA request. Please follow the link below.

Once your request has been received and all investigative and/or laboratory studies have been complete, your request will be processed.