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Pulaski County Youth Services Programs

  • The ACT Prep Program helps Pulaski County students avoid remediation and improve their ACT scores. ACT Prep classes are held each spring, summer, and fall. Initiated in 2006, our ACT Prep program provides 9th-12th graders a full-length practice exam, training on the four ACT subject areas (English, math, reading and science) and teaches test-taking strategies. Student participants earn an average of one to three-point increase in their ACT scores according to a formal review of the program.
  • Vision 2025, a first of its kind in Pulaski County, is an innovative program identifying young women in the 9th through 12th grades with extraordinary potential and empowers them as leaders. The yearlong program focuses on empowerment, building leadership skills, mentoring, community service, academic enrichment, and academic & career advising. Young women engage in activities including: tutoring, college tours, leadership conferences, service-learning, ACT prep, cultural enrichment, health and nutrition education, physical fitness, professional development workshops, self-esteem building opportunities, etiquette coaching dinners, college readiness workshops, and much more! Download the application.
  • A Shoe Into Success provides health, nutrition, and physical fitness education to select classrooms in Pulaski County. While educating children about health and physical fitness we incorporate academic development, literacy enhancement, and mentorships. Through grant funding and community partnerships, A Shoe Into Success provides free Nike athletic shoes to program participants.
  • The Little Scholars Academy serves children ages 6 through 11 with a strong focus on academic enhancement, cultural enrichment, community service, and health and physical fitness. Students engage in activities to enhance overall academic performance while developing healthy habits, civic responsibility, character, and leadership skills. A majority of the Academy’s little scholars achieve honor roll status.
  • The Rural Youth Leadership Academy’s Internship Program helps students gain work experience and knowledge to help prepare them for a successful career. This summer work program helps young, aspiring professionals learn valuable lessons about leadership and skills that will help them get a job. Students ages 16-18 who live in the Roland area are eligible for this program.
  • The Rural Leadership Development Program provides leadership education to high school students who live in the unincorporated areas of Pulaski County. Participants receive a fully funded scholarship to Youth Services’ ACT Prep Academy; a five-night, residential summer program designed to help students develop test-taking strategies, become more familiar with the ACT curriculum, and experience life on a college campus.
  • The Pulaski County Youth Prevention Action Coalition (YPAC) educates and engages students on key issues impacting Pulaski County with an emphasis on substance abuse and underage drinking prevention. Students between the ages of 12 and 18 who live or attend school in Pulaski County may participate. Through activities focused on decision-making, character development, team-building, civic responsibility, and community service the program works to develop leadership skills in Pulaski County’s youth.
  • The Pulaski County Youth Leadership Institute is for 9th-12th grade students who aspire to become leaders in their community. The Youth Leadership Institute works to develop leadership skills and bring together youth from different communities to form coalitions and campaigns to prevent substance abuse and underage drinking.
  • The Cultural Exchange Program addresses diversity and provides youth with a window into different cultures to form connections with the greater community. Student participants are introduced to physical and mental fitness, life skills, academic enhancement, and contributing positively to our community.
  • The six-week Summer Music Program provides students in the 5th through 8th grades with instruments and quality music instruction from expert band directors and musicians. Culminating in a concert performance, students are encouraged to showcase their newly-learned skills for family and friends. Launched in 2010, the Summer Music Program provides a safe and creative environment for youth to spend their summer hours.
  • The Career Pathway to Success Program provides youth with opportunities to explore various career fields, such as science, technology, engineering, art, media, management, law, economic development, and tourism. Students engage in activities with influential business and community leaders who serve as career mentors.
  • The SOULution is an anti-bullying program teaching definitive techniques for parents and teachers to identify bullied children and provide workshops that offer solutions, raise awareness, and bring communities together to take a stand against bullying.
  • The PCYS Entrepreneurship Academy empowers youth with opportunities to develop as future business leaders, plan innovative business ideas, and establish themselves as youth entrepreneurs. Students are partnered with career mentors for job shadowing experiences in their field of interest.
  • The Servant Leadership Academy works to provide homeless youth with food and personal care items. In an effort to alleviate youth hunger, students collect items for homeless youth, fill backpacks, and distribute those backpacks throughout Pulaski County.
  • The Rural Leadership Development Program provides leadership classes to high school students who live in the unincorporated areas of Pulaski County. Participants receive fully funded scholarships to attend a summer ACT Prep Academy; a five-night, residential summer program designed to help students develop test-taking strategies, become more familiar with the ACT curriculum, and experience life on a college campus.
  • PCYS is a Lead Agency for Youth Service America’s Global Youth Service Day; an annual youth-led day of service focusing on youth development and positive community engagement. Annually, Pulaski County youths will join with more than 100,000 youth from the U.S. and Canada to ensure quality, capacity, and sustainability of the youth service movements for years to come.