Pulaski County Youth Services cheers for ASU at Emerging Champions Youth Academy College Tour

PULASKI COUNTY, Ark. (September 15, 2023) – Pulaski County Youth Services (PCYS) took the Emerging Champions Career Readiness Summer Workforce and Emerging Champions Youth Academy groups to Arkansas State University for a campus tour and to watch an ASU Red Wolves football game last Saturday.  

There were 40 students from schools across Pulaski County, many of whom participated in the Emerging Champions for Success program this summer/afterschool and others from additional community partnerships. The students left early Saturday morning to make it to ASU for a full campus tour, complete with free dining in the cafeteria. Before the game, students got to meet the President and Vice President of ASU, as well as some of the professors, cheerleaders, mascots and ASU students. 

The students also got to meet Chancellor Todd Shields and Vice Chancellor Dr. Len Fry and ask them questions regarding enrollment and attendance at ASU.

Community Programs and Special Events Coordinator, Whitney Dobbins, said a few students asked questions on the tour, like what kind of ACT score and grades are required to attend and were seeking additional information.

After the tour, the students went to Hijinx, the funtivity spot to enjoy some arcade games and laser tag. The students then headed to the ASU Red Wolves football game. 

While cheering on the Red Wolves, the students had the chance to take pictures with some of the cheerleaders and Red Wolves mascots. 

PCYS Director Jamie Scott was excited to take the group to her Alma Mater and shared that the youth enjoyed meeting everyone and had a great time during the tour and at the game.

Pulaski County Youth Services offers several events to assist students get prepared for college. The Emerging Champions Career Readiness Workforce program runs through the summer and the Emerging Champions Youth Academy runs through the school year as an after school program with weekend events, like ACT prep and leadership development courses. Students learn career readiness skills, get prepared to enter the workforce and develop college and career pathways.  

The college tour is just one of many events that PCYS has planned for the year. September 30, PCYS will be hosting the Vision 2025 Leadership Institute, a professional development program for young women. In October PCYS will have its Third Annual Fall Festival for youth and families. 

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