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Pulaski County Vendors Guide


This information has been designed to provide an overview of the purchasing process at Pulaski County. Its primary function is to familiarize new bidders with the basic information necessary to communicate with the County’s Purchasing Department and to submit bids that are responsive to the needs of the County.

The purchasing process can be a complex procedure because of the governing laws of the State of Arkansas and various rules and regulations imposed by Pulaski County. Detailed information and instructions are available by contacting the Purchasing Department.

All purchases exceeding $1,000.00 in total value or that are for capital equipment items require approval from the Purchasing Department. An order placed without prior purchasing approval is not a legal obligation of the County and may become the personal obligation of the orderer. Any questions regarding correct purchasing procedure should be directed to one of the buyers in the Purchasing Department.

Your comments and suggestions are always welcome. If you have any questions or ideas to share with us, please contact the Pulaski County Purchasing Department at 501-340-8390.

The Bidders List

The list is divided by commodity area so that bids are sent to only those vendors that sell the type of merchandise wanted. For example, the vendors that sell office supplies are on one list, while those that sell ammunition are on a different list.

The bidders list is used by the Purchasing Department to select appropriate bidders to contact when the competitive sealed bid process is being used. These are usually purchases that are $20,000.00 or more in value. Once you have registered your company through the ebid portal, you will automatically receive an invitation to bid for any purchases in your commodity area(s) that are purchased using the competitive sealed bid process. It is your responsibility to keep us informed of any address changes and to respond to the bid invitations.

Competitive Sealed Bids

Once you have received your invitation to bid, there are some things to remember:

  • Respond to the bid as directed through the ebid portal and provide all information required by the closing date/time. NO bids/proposals will be accepted after the closing date/time.
  • Read the terms and conditions on the ebid portal.
  • Any questions should be directed to the point of contact on the bid.
  • When sealed financial information is required, a separate notification will be sent to those responsive and responsible bidders who responded to the “technical” bid posting and will be contacted via e-mail with the “cost” posting to submit the financial information. Do NOT submit financial information with the “technical” bid
  • Be sure to include additional information specifically requested in the bid.

Fax Bids

For purchases less than $20,000.00, Pulaski County often requests and receives price quotes by facsimile (fax). Although all bidders on the bid list are not contacted for every fax quotation, we try to rotate the list so that all bidders have the opportunity to quote on some of the business.

The things to remember when responding to a fax bid are much the same as with a competitive sealed bid, but there is no formal opening of bids. However, the response time is strictly observed, and responses are usually due within 24 to 48 hours.

Telephone Quotes

For small purchases (under $10,000.00), unwritten telephone quotes are frequently requested. In those instances when a vendor must call back with prices, we usually require a response the same day.

Purchase Orders

After we have received the bids/quotes and they are evaluated, a purchase order or contract will be issued to the lowest responsive, responsible bidder. Due to time constraints, the other bidders are not notified. If you wish to find out the results of a particular bid, please call the Purchasing Department, and we will be happy to provide the information to you. When you call, be sure to have the bid number and the name of the buyer available so that we can locate the file.


When you receive an order from the County, please submit your invoice promptly and correctly. We cannot pay your bill without a proper invoice. Your invoice should be submitted to the department that placed the order. If a purchase order was issued, it will include the correct shipping and billing addresses.

Your invoice must be itemized and include prices of individual items; statements showing only a balance due cannot be paid. Any shipping and/or handling charges should be included in the price of the merchandise; separate charges for shipping and handling will not be paid.

Minority Purchasing

It is Pulaski County’s policy to purchase its goods and services from those companies that can provide the necessary quality at the lowest cost, without regard to the vendor’s race or gender. All vendors are encouraged to make the County aware of the goods and services that they can provide.

PC Title VI – Complaint Procedure

PC Title VI – Complaint Form & Consent

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