Pulaski County, State Representatives Take Tour of Santa Cruz JDAI Site

New JDAI sites frequently visit one of five model JDAI sites around the country to learn about new programs and approaches to youth in the justice system that could work in their own jurisdictions. JDAI model sites are recognized as models because of their long history of success with JDAI and juvenile justice reform, including reductions in incarceration and significant improvements to public safety. Santa Cruz is recognized for many different achievements, including its development of community-based alternatives to detention, effective interventions with gang-involved youth, and a nearly 50% reduction in felony arrests of youth since joining JDAI. Santa Cruz also has a national reputation for building positive relationships with communities of color in their jurisdiction through their law enforcement and justice system partners, and they have been recognized for groundbreaking work on reducing racial and ethnic disparities in the juvenile justice system. There was a delegation of 11, nine from Pulaski County and two from DHS-Division of Youth Services.