Pulaski County Quorum Court

The Pulaski County Quorum Court serves as the legislative body of Pulaski County Government and is the voice for more than 380,000 Pulaski County residents. Fifteen elected members, known as Justices of the Peace, serve two-year terms from single districts based on apportionment.

There are two standing committees of the Pulaski County Quorum Court.

The Agenda Committee:   The Agenda Committee meets at the Pulaski County Administration Building at 6:00 p.m. on the second Tuesday of each month or more often if necessary. The committee serves as the primary committee of the quorum court.  It considers and recommends proposed items to be presented to the Quorum Court for consideration and final passage or action.

Budget Committee:  The Budget Committee meets annually in the fall. The committee’s primary purpose is to make recommendations to the full quorum court regarding the next year’s budget. The committee will continue to meet as necessary throughout the next year to make recommendations regarding the budget.

Pulaski County Quorum Court District Map