Pulaski County Purchasing Department
Michelle Johnson
Assistant Comptroller

201 South Broadway
Suite 440
Little Rock, AR 72201

Pulaski County Purchasing

The purchasing office is responsible for the following functions:

Fixed Asset Management
The purchasing office maintains all files relating to Fixed Asset Management. Fixed Assets are any single items with a cost over $1,000 or tangible personal property with an expected life of over 1 year. Items are tagged with a Pulaski County numerical sticker and logged in a software system. The office also regulates and monitors all transfers of fixed assets to other departments or to storage to be sold at auction.

Contract Files
The purchasing office maintains a copy of all contracts filed with the County Clerk’s Office. These contracts may be for services provided to Pulaski County or for services that Pulaski County is providing through a grant. The office is then responsible for reviewing all contracts for accuracy and validity in accordance with state laws and county policies prior to routing the contract to Administrative Services, the County Attorney, and the County Judge for acceptance and authorization. The office will also maintain the termination or expiration date of contracts to notify the department for possible continuation, renewal or cancellation.

Request For Proposals (RFP) & Request for Qualifications (RFQ)
The purchasing office is responsible for reviewing all RFP’s and RFQ’s as well as assisting departments in developing RFP’s and RFQ’s. This office is also responsible for advertising the requests, collecting the requests and coordinating the review process prior to awarding a contract. The office assures that the process is in strict adherence to state laws governing the bidding process.

Purchase Requisition & Purchase Order Authorization
The purchasing office accepts purchase requisitions from departments for items that are not otherwise included in contracts; reviews request for compliance; and issues Purchase Orders if applicable. The purchase order will provide authorization for the department and the vendor to enter into the transaction for the specified commodity or service that is stated on the purchase order.

Commodity Contracting
The purchasing office reviews periodic requests for supplies or services that are utilized by a majority of county departments. To facilitate a better pricing for a commodity or service, the purchasing office will solicit bids for the commodity or service in order to initiate a contract on behalf of all county departments.