Pulaski County Public Assistance

Pulaski County Public Assistance
The prosecutor and the administration of criminal justice protect victims of crime and citizens at large.

Citizen Complaints Unit
The Citizen Complaints Unit of the Office of the Prosecuting Attorney takes citizen complaints, assists citizens with problems, issues warning letters to potential criminal offenders, refers citizens to private counsel for civil matters, gives advice about the criminal justice system and proof needed to prosecute a case, prepares affidavits in support of arrest warrants and assists victims of domestic abuse with affidavits and advice on how to receive a protective order from chancery court.

To file a citizen complaint, complainants come in person to the Citizen Complaints Office located in the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office at 2nd and Broadway Streets in downtown Little Rock. Complainants bring all witnesses, documents, photos and police reports made of the alleged crime to better process the complaint.

The Pulaski County telephone number is (501) 340-8100
The Perry County telephone number is (501) 889-2565

Victim / Witness Program
The Victim/Witness Program of the Office of the Prosecuting Attorney assists victims of crime through the criminal court system. The Victim/Witness coordinators provide step-by-step explanations about the criminal court process, what to expect in the months ahead, notifications about case developments, emotional support through the court process, accompaniment to meetings and court proceedings, assistance with matters of restitution or property recovery, referrals to other community services, assistance in seeking reimbursement through the Arkansas Crime Victims Reparations Board for various expenses, special programs for domestic abuse victims and assistance in registering for victim notification through the V.I.N.E. electronic notification system and/or the Arkansas Department of Correction.

Services of the Victim/Witness Program of the Office of the Prosecuting Attorney are free of charge.