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Pulaski County Planning & Development Staff
Van McClendon

3200 Brown St
Little Rock, AR 72204
Phone: (501) 340-8260

Jim Cranor
Plans Review Coordinator
(501) 340-8265

Vicki LaSpina
Sr. (911) Addressing Coordinator
(501) 340-8271

Rachel Martin
Administrative Coordinator
(501) 340-8260

KC Daneshmandi
GIS (Mapping) Technician
(501) 340-8269

Russ Burks
Watershed Inspector
(501) 340-6881

Pulaski County Planning and Development

Mission Statement:
To enhance the quality of life for the citizens of Pulaski County by providing a department which encourages the quality growth, development, stabilization and promotes the health, safety and welfare of Pulaski County neighborhoods and communities.


  • To continue to permit, assess, and monitor development within the Lake Maumelle Watershed to ensure development does not adversely affect the Lake Maumelle water quality.
  • To continue to offer amendments and updates to the county’s subdivision/zoning rules and regulations as well as commercial site plan procedures in order to maintain high quality development guidance standards.
  • To acquire roadways currently listed as private by Pulaski County and convert these roads to public roadways.
  • To improve coordination with the Pulaski County Circuit Clerk’s Office, the Pulaski County Health Department and the Office of Emergency Services to identify developments that have not been properly permitted.
  • To continue expansion of the County Geographic Information System (G.I.S.) and graphics data base section to meet growing demand for mapping and visual presentations to aid all County Departments and the public.
  • To assist with drafting of necessary mapping, presentation, ownership determination, etc., as requested by Pulaski County Judge’s Office, the Quorum Court, other County, City, State, Federal offices and general public.
  • To continue to work with the Public Works Departments of the Cities within Pulaski County and adjacent counties to identify and review extra-territorial developments.
  • To implement and enforce stormwater run-off regulation pursuant to state regulations.
  • To continue public awareness campaign to reduce development violations.
  • To continue the use of digital information to reduce man-hour, travel and material expense within the department. continue use of digital information to reduce man-hour, travel and material expense within the department.
  • To continue to effectively administer Pulaski County’s Floodplain Management Ordinance.

Contact Pulaski County Planning and Development by phone at 501-340-8260 for information regarding Flood Plain development, permits and fees.

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