Pulaski County Judge
Barry Hyde

2019 State of the County Address

201 S. Broadway, Suite 400
Little Rock, AR 72201

Pulaski County Judge Barry Hyde

In Arkansas local government, the Pulaski County Judge serves as the chief executive officer of the county government. As such, the county judge:

  • authorizes and approves the disbursement of all appropriated county funds,
  • operates the system of county roads,
  • administers ordinances enacted by the quorum court,
  • has custody of county property, and
  • presides at the meetings of the quorum court without a vote but with the power of veto.

The county judge coordinates day-to-day intergovernmental relations with municipalities and state and local agencies that become involved with the county on various projects, programs and service delivery. The county judge applies on behalf of all county departments and offices for state and federal grant assistance for which the county is eligible. In addition, the County Judge appoints members to various administrative and advisory boards.

The county judge sits in a judicial role as the county court. The county court has jurisdiction in matters relating to county taxes, human and community services, general public utilities, trade and commerce, transportation and natural resources.

2017 Swearing-In Ceremony

Meet Barry Hyde

After calling Pulaski County home for more than 30 years, Barry Hyde decided to continue his service to the community by running for county judge in 2013.

Judge Hyde served honorably in the United States Air Force as a member of the Titan Missile Launch Crew from 1974 until 1977 and was later named an honorary Commander at the Little Rock Air Force Base. He continues to serve as a member of the Camp Robinson/Camp Pike Community Council.

In 1987, he started HYDCO, a small construction company that operated out of the corner office of his home. Judge Hyde’s goal was to create a company that was relationship-driven, provided high-quality work and incorporated the latest technologies into the business plan. Nearly 30 years later, HYDCO has become one of the leading commercial contracting and construction companies in the region.

Judge Hyde’s approach to county government reflects his extensive business experience and core principles of stability, accessibility and high-quality service.

“My goal for Pulaski County is to help design and sustain a stable county structure that is relationship-driven, provides exceptional services and incorporates the latest technologies,” Judge Hyde said. “County government should be responsive to the needs of our citizens, be a good steward of their tax dollars and ensure that the programs and services we provide meet the needs of all in our county.”

With an emphasis on the maintenance and construction of county roads and bridges, preservation of water systems and the installation of new tornado warning sirens throughout the county, Judge Hyde puts community health and safety first.

Judge Hyde is also committed to fostering a sense of community where people feel safe and welcome to live, work, open a business and raise their families. By hiring and retaining well-trained individuals who are prepared, tech savvy and accountable, Judge Hyde has raised the bar for county employees.

Judge Hyde has a proven record of accomplishment as a community leader and dedicated public servant. Prior to being elected County Judge, he served the state as a member of the General Assembly for six years, representing District 40 in Pulaski County. As a State Representative, he chaired five legislative committees, championed fiscal restraint, improved educational opportunities for our children, expanded services for the elderly and promoted opportunities for economic development.

He currently serves on several national and local committees:

  • NACo Justice and Public Safety: Juvenile Subcommittee
  • METROPLAN Board Member
  • Pulaski County Regional Recycling Board Member
  • LRAFB Community Council Member
  • Camp Robinson Community Council Member
  • Former NLR Chamber President and current board member

Judge Hyde maintains a commercial pilot license and can often be found exploring our state’s natural beauty from the skies in his Cessna 414. When not in the pilot seat, Judge Hyde enjoys adventuring the trails and roads in our community from the saddle of his bicycle.

No matter how busy he may be Judge Hyde believes that family is the most important aspect of life and is grateful for the time spent with wife Jeanne, children Jeremy, Jaime and Carrie and their nine grandchildren.