Pulaski County Office of Emergency Management
Andy Traffanstedt

3200 Brown Street
Little Rock, Arkansas 72204

Phone: 501-340-6911
Fax: 501-340-6989
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Hours of Operations:
Mon-Fri, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

After Hours Emergencies Only:

Pulaski County Hazardous Materials Response Team

Team Mission: Respond to releases or potential releases of hazardous materials for the purpose of preventing, containing, or stopping the release. The PCHMRT will be responsible to render the scene safe, not to clean up or dispose of the hazardous materials. In addition, the PCHMRT will respond to confirmed or suspected incidents involving nuclear, biological, and chemical (NBC) agents, during terrorist events.

Team Composition: The team is comprised of 35 members, 28 members are Technician certified and the remainder are Operations certified. Members come from various volunteer and career Fire Departments, Hospitals, and other response organizations throughout Pulaski County. All personnel must be a minimum of Hazmat Operations and CSEPP ACTFAST certified. The PCHMRT has several personnel that are certified Nurses, Paramedics or EMT’s. The Team conducts training monthly as well as participating in numerous Homeland Security, CSEPP, and local exercises.

The Pulaski County Hazardous Materials Response Team is a NIMS Type II Hazmat Team.

Team Equipment: The PCHMRT has a large inventory of equipment to handle Hazmat/WMD incidents. This equipment was purchased by the CSEP Program and Homeland Security Grant funds as well as donated by the Pulaski County LEPC:

  • Level “A” and Level “B” suits.
  • Various detection devices for identifying unknown chemicals on scene.
  • Mobile Weather Station interfaced to CAMEO.
  • Laptop Computer equipped with CAMEO, MARPLOT, LandView5, and ALOHA.
  • Entry Link Camera with DVD Recorder.
  • 4500psi/60 minute SABA System capable of supplying 4 personnel simultaneously.
  • 4500psi/60 minute SCBA’s with internal communications.
  • Rehab Supplies.
  • Traffic Control Equipment.
  • Absorbents, Spill Containment, and leak control kits.
  • “A”, “B”, and “C” Chlorine Leak Kits.
  • Decontamination equipment and supplies.
  • Portable Generators and scene lighting.
  • John Deere Diesel 6×6 “Gator” with Transport Trailer.
  • Trailer mounted 4 cylinder 4500 psi Cascade System with Compressor.

Team Apparatus

Pulaski County HAZMAT 1 is a 2004 Spartan Gladiator MFD/EVI 24ft Non Walk-in with Command Module and 6000 watt Light Tower.