Pulaski County declares Jan. 17 as “National Day of Racial Healing”

PULASKI COUNTY, Ark. (January 12, 2023) – Pulaski County Judge Barry Hyde has proclaimed Jan. 17 as the “National Day of Racial Healing.” 

Judge Hyde will present the proclamation and speak on the importance of racial healing at the 5th annual National Day of Racial Healing – Arkansas 2023 press conference on Tuesday, Jan. 17 at the Arkansas Municipal League.

The proclamation emphasizes that residents must “work judiciously and earnestly to heal the wounds created by racial, ethnic, and religious bias and to build an equitable and just society so that all can prosper.”

Racial healing is a vital and crucial commitment to the education and the social, mental, and overall well-being of all Pulaski County citizens, especially the county’s children, stated the proclamation. 

The proclamation also encourages “all citizens to promote racial healing and transformation in the ways that are best suited for them individually, as a means to working together to ensure the best quality of life for every child.”


View the 2023 National Day for Racial Healing proclamation