Pulaski County Coroner
Pulaski County Central Health
3915 West 8th
Third Floor
Little Rock, AR 72204

Business hours:
Monday – Friday
8:00 AM to 4:00 PM
After hours-On call Deputy

Office 501-340-8355
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Coroner’s Office Staff

Pulaski County Coroner
Gerone Q. Hobbs

Chief Deputy Coroner
Julie V. Voegele

Senior Deputy
Joshua Hollis

Office Manager
Shantea Johnson

Christopher Ashcraft

Matt Baldwin

Benjamin Chapman

Joshua Gardner

Jason Gwatney

Abe Lowden

Jay Morgan

Pulaski County Coroner

Mission Statement

  • To accurately determine the manner and the cause of death of individuals that die within the statutory jurisdiction of Pulaski County, Arkansas; through a fair, ethical, and competent investigation of death; performed by qualified and trained individuals, in accordance with the accepted medicolegal death investigation professional standards; ensuring the integrity of the investigation.
  • To assist the bereaved in the loss of a loved one.
  • To establish and maintain a cooperative, professional partnership with law enforcement agencies, funeral home establishments, and other community members.
  • To earn and hold the trust and respect of the citizens that we are privileged and honored to serve.

First Decisions & Related Information

Choosing a Funeral Home or Cremation Service

This is one of the first decisions to be made by the family. It is the responsibility of the family to obtain a funeral home or cremation service of their choice. Once that is accomplished, they will handle the details, such as transportation of the deceased to the funeral home or crematory, even if they are out of state. There are no state, city or county programs available to assist with this final expense. However, in some situations, if the death is the result of homicide, there could be benefits available from the Arkansas Crime Victims Reparations Program.

The Death Certificate will be initiated and prepared by your funeral home or cremation service. They will also handle having it certified and recorded with the State. If you have any questions regarding the Death Certificate you should contact your funeral director.

Personal Items / Medications / Identification

The coroner is responsible for the property that is either on the deceased or under the immediate control of the deceased. Property on the deceased may or may not be removed by the coroner at the scene of death, depending upon policy and circumstances. Property that is removed will ONLY be released directly to the legal next of kin during business hours.

Property such as medications, Social Security Card, Driver’s License or other personal identification will be retained by our office and will not be released to anyone under any circumstances.

 Viewing the Deceased

The Pulaski County Coroner’s Office exists to investigate the cause and manner of death. Many decedents are brought in to our morgue and stored each day. Because it is impossible to know what diseases may be present in any of these situations, biohazard precautions must be strictly observed. For these reasons, we strongly recommend that family view the deceased at the designated funeral home where viewing may take place under appropriate conditions.