Pulaski County Awards $289,000 to Innovation Hub, Expanding Access to STEAM Learning

Pulaski County awarded $289,000 to the Arkansas Regional Innovation Hub at Winrock International to bring STEAM hands-on field trips to students.

“We are excited about what this funding can do to expose so many youth to STEAM and will continue to fund other programs that inspire our leaders of tomorrow,” Pulaski County Judge Barry Hyde said.

Funding from the county marks the Innovation Hub’s first Mobile Makerspace award specifically targeting Pulaski County students. The funds free learning opportunities for more than 1,000 students from December 2021 through September 2022.

Mobile Makerspace, also known as “The Innovation Hub on Wheels,” was created in 2018. Its purpose is to make tools and resources accessible for youth in underrepresented areas. The Hub uses two units to bring hands-on education to students across Arkansas. Sessions include tools and real-world problem-solving that challenge and motivate youth and teachers.

“We are thrilled to receive this funding and so thankful for our partnership and support from Pulaski County. Judge Hyde has been a supporter of our mission and work since our inception,” Errin Stanger, Director of the Innovation Hub at Winrock International said.

Stanger also said this partnership enables the Hub to empower students and expand opportunities. The nonprofit has served more than 16,000 people, visited 22 counties with its Mobile Makerspace, and looks forward to visiting more Pulaski County schools in the future.

“This award allows the county to support innovative educational tools as well as show our youth the power of technology,” Judge Hyde said.

“Experiences such as the Mobile Makerspace ignite passions of our children and transforms their imagination into reality.”

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