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Pulaski County Juvenile Justice System Assessments

In a continuing effort to enhance policy, practice and service provision for the youth and families involved with the Pulaski County Juvenile Probation Department in Arkansas, a comprehensive probation system review was undertaken with funding from a grant from the State Justice Institute, and in coordination with the Arkansas Supreme Court Commission on Children, Youth and Families (ARCYF). The Robert F. Kennedy National Resource Center for Juvenile Justice (RFK National Resource Center) was invited to conduct a comprehensive review as articulated below. In partnership with the Pulaski County Juvenile Court Judges and relevant interested stakeholders, the probation system review and analysis began in January 2016 and concluded in September 2016. The process included a review and examination of policy, practice and service provisions designed to inform immediate opportunities for system enhancement, improvement and reform that impacts positive outcomes for Pulaski County youth and families involved in the probation and juvenile justice system.

Probation System Review Report

In June 2017, Pulaski County released the findings of its juvenile justice system assessment study performed by the CCLP. Using the JDAI framework, CCLP provided suggestions for areas of improvement including collaboration among stakeholders, data collection and analysis, case processing and alternatives to detention and incarceration programs.

Juvenile Justice System Assessment Study

The Risk Assessment and Behavioral Health Screening (RABS) project was a pre-post, quasi-experimental study of the impact of implementation of a valid risk-needs assessment, behavioral health screening, and risk-need-responsivity (RNR) approach to case management intended to reduce risk while also addressing behavioral health needs.

Risk Assessment and Behavioral Health Screening (RABS) Project Final Technical Report