Kimberly Simpson
Grants Administrator
Office: 501-340-3433

Pulaski County Abandoned Cemetery Board

The Pulaski County Abandoned Cemetery Registration Board was created after receiving a petition from ten (10) interested citizens wanting to see that the Robinson Family Cemetery in McAlmont was registered and managed. Abandoned Cemetery Boards are created by executive order if a county judge receives a petition from ten citizens. The process and authority of board is established by statute.  If there is an abandoned cemetery in your neighborhood or community, contact Community Services or County Attorney. To have an abandoned cemetery registered and maintained, there’s a petition process and the board/county attorney must verify certain information to ensure qualification. The Board is authorized to register any cemetery that is unregistered. The only unregistered cemeteries should be those established before 1929.

Board Duties:

  • The Board is authorized to arrange for maintenance of abandoned through volunteer efforts, or work-release trustees for cemeteries less than 1 acre in size.
  • The Board is also authorized to seek grant funding and to accept donations to further its mission of cemetery maintenance.

Pulaski County Abandoned Cemetery Registration Petition

Petition Checklist