Public Works Rolls On

Over the course of the public health crisis, Pulaski County Public Works has overcome some challenges.  But one thing is for sure, the department has kept rolling along. The county’s maintenance needs do not take time off; potholes must be filled, trash services still have routes to run, right-of-ways must be cut and mosquitos still get sprayed.

In January, Public Works Director Steve Brummett preemptively worked with his directors to design a plan of action complete with rotating schedules and essential staffing needs. One important task was adjusting employee schedules to ensure their safety.  When the county judge declared a state of emergency, our directors were ready.

Social distancing measures were implemented such as separate staff meetings instead of group meetings.  Drivers are required to ride alone and are required to sanitize vehicles with disinfectant daily instead of weekly.  When crews are out in the field, they are encouraged to social distance and wear as much PPE as they can and still work safely. Office staff wear face masks and a jug of hand sanitizer is easily accessible. Anyone who believes they have been exposed to the virus are sent home.

“We are taking a business as usual approach while staying safe,” Steve Brummett said. “By installing preventive measures, my staff and I believe Public Works can continue to provide services to county residents.”