Permit Reminder for Residents in Pulaski County with Flood Damage

As property owners in Pulaski County contemplate clean up and repairs following the recent flooding, Pulaski County is reminding residents to obtain local floodplain development permits before repairing or rebuilding flood-damaged structures.

Flood permits are required as part of Pulaski County’s participation in the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).  This program provides eligibility for flood insurance, flood disaster assistance, state/federal grants and loans, and buyout funds for flood-prone property.

Local floodplain management ordinances require that permits be obtained for any construction or development activity in a floodplain area, including the repair or reconstruction of any structures damaged by flooding.

Special conditions apply to substantially damaged buildings.  Substantial damage is defined as the total cost of repairs equaling 50% or more of the structure’s pre-flood market value.  If a building is found to be substantially damaged, regulations require that repairs not begin until compliance with the local floodplain ordinance is demonstrated.  In some cases, repairs may require elevating or flood-proofing the structure to reduce the potential for future flood damage.

The cost to repair will be calculated for full repair to pre-damaged: condition, even if the owner elects to do less.  The total cost to repair includes structural and finish materials as well as labor.  If labor and materials are donated, they will be assigned a value.  If local building codes require the structure to be repaired according to certain standards, these additional costs must be included in the full repair cost for the structure.

State and Federal assistance may be available to property owners to reduce the chances of future flood damage.  Mitigation assistance may cover costs of relocation, elevating or purchasing flood-damaged structures.  Flood insurance may also provide funds to protect a structure from future flood damage.

Property owners and residents with flood-damaged building should contact Pulaski County Planning (501)-340-8260 for more information on repair and reconstruction permits.