Pulaski County Juvenile Detention Center
Rodney Shepherd

Little Rock, AR 72204
Phone: (501) 340-6691

Juvenile Detention Services

The Pulaski County Juvenile Detention Center offers a variety of programs that provide rehabilitation and treatment.  The Juvenile Justice System in Arkansas requires rehabilitation and treatment rather than punishment.  A listing of the existing programs are as follows:

Educational Services

Educational services are provided to all residents. The Juvenile Detention School undertakes keeping the juveniles in a school environment until they transition back to their regular school. The curriculum is geared toward grammar, mathematics, science, and social studies.  Residents are also taught Arkansas History, Health, Speech, and Family/Consumer Science. This program is supervised by the Little Rock School District and has three full time Certified Teachers. The school’s computer lab has three core concepts:  teacher directed learning, basic skills, and learning through individualized instruction.  All programs are used to support the core curriculum.

Transfer of Grades

Residents are notified during the Resident Orientation period that they should inform their school counselor or registrar that they have been attending class at Pulaski County Juvenile Detention Center.

  • The resident’s school should officially request transfer grades via fax at 501-340-6888
  • release of information should be included with the request for grades and the request should be on the school’s letterhead
  • PCJDC will fax an official grade report to the requesting school within 24 business hours
  • Parents may also request, in person, a copy of the resident’s grade report.  Typically, the report is available the same day.

Important:  The resident’s school makes the final determination how to apply credit for course work completed at Pulaski County Juvenile Detention School.

Medical Services and Mental Health Services

Medical Services and Mental Health Services are provided by qualified healthcare personnel to include physicians, psychiatrist, Licensed Clinical Social Workers, nurse practitioners, nurses, dentist and mental health professionals to all juveniles to meet their serious health needs. The professional staff provides crisis intervention services, social assessments, therapeutic counseling, and assessment for juveniles who are determined to need acute care.  Referrals for treatment are also made.

Food Services

As required by law, all residents receive breakfast, lunch and dinner. Food services are provided through a service contract with the Pulaski County Regional Detention Facility.  All meals meet or exceed federal nutrition standards.

Organization Services

Guest speakers and volunteer groups provide programming and services for the youth that promote rehabilitation.  Activities include: Social skills classes, motivational speakers, life skills classes, mentoring, self-esteem-building programs, basic health classes, AA groups, therapeutic art classes, anger management sessions, religious services and parenting classes.

Juvenile Detention JD03-0010 Wellness Policy

Programs and services are initiated for all juveniles as soon as they have completed the admissions process.