Emergency Housing Program Experiences Uptick in Phone Calls Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Prior to the pandemic, the Pulaski County Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG) Program averaged approximately 43 calls per month for rental assistance. Since April, the program has seen a massive increase of people seeking housing assistance through the county’s rapid rehousing and homeless prevention programs. By the last week of August, the program received a total of 206 calls; a 379% increase in requests for rental assistance.

The ESG program received approximately $126,000 in funding from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and the CARES Act to assist county communities.

Below is a breakdown of the funding:

Emergency Solutions Grant Program 2019-2020

Homeless Prevention-$54,085

Rapid Rehousing-420,000




Emergency Solutions Grant Program 2020-2021

Homeless Prevention- $30,000

Rapid Rehousing- $20,000

Administration $415


Emergency Solutions Grant Program, Cares Act Funding

Homeless Prevention- $25,000

Rapid Rehousing- $50,000



Anyone needing assistance is urged to leave a message at 501-340-8399.