County Judge Issues Executive Order, Directives for Essential Personnel

As of Friday, March 13, 2020, pursuant to Executive Order public access has been restricted to the Administration Building, Courthouse, Bale Building, Prosecutor’s Office, and District Court/Juvenile Court Complex. The public has been encouraged to conduct all business with the County and courts digitally, by phone, email, online or video conference, if at all possible. If not possible, persons needing to conduct business with county offices were instructed to contact the office to schedule a meeting appropriate to their needs. Business that is not time sensitive was encouraged to be postponed until after March 31, 2020, if at all possible.

As the pandemic virus is continuing its spread in Arkansas, it is now necessary to address this county health emergency by taking additional precautions to further protect county employees and personnel from exposure.

Effective immediately, the following instructions are mandatory for all county departments reporting to the office of County Judge. Other elected officials supervising the operation of county departments and personnel are strongly encouraged to follow suit. Each supervisor must identify:

  • Critical functions that must remain operational;
  • Personnel whose physical presence is essential to remain operational;
  • Personnel who are essential to remain operational, but may work remotely;
  • Personnel who self-identify as having a heightened risk of serious adverse health outcomes (over 60/65 and/or immune compromised persons);
  • Identify back-up personnel for every person essential to remain operational.

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