County COVID-19 Executive Order Extended to Nov. 28

From the order: “County services and county-supported services remain available to the public. Pulaski County continues to encourage the public and county-paid personnel to conduct business with or between the County and Courts digitally, by phone, email, online, or video conference and to utilize the digital tools implemented in response to COVID-19 to the extent that such use expands access to county and county-supported services.

Courtrooms and associated offices are exempt from this order and instead are subject to the restrictions if any, imposed by the Arkansas Supreme Court and/or presiding Judge.

Voters entering county facilities are not required, as a condition on participation in an election, to wear a mask or other face-covering; however, the County Board of Election Commissioners is strongly encouraged to give all due consideration to the seriousness of COVID and to accommodate unmasked voters in a way that best protects the health and safety of election workers, county employees, and other voters.”

Updated COVID-19 Executive Order