Build your driveway the right way: Follow these steps for installing culverts in Pulaski County

Are you preparing to install a driveway at your home? Before construction begins, it’s important to know what kind of culverts are allowed in Pulaski County.

Homes and businesses use culverts to ensure water flows through a pipe and then past the driveway.

When building a new driveway, County Road and Bridge inspector Steven Walden explained that a driveway permit, copy of the property deed, and cash check or money order must be mailed or brought to Pulaski Road and Bridge at 3200 Brown Street in Little Rock, Arkansas at 72204. Residential driveway permits are $40 and commercial ones are $100.

“The most common mistakes residents make are installing a culvert before getting a permit or installing a plastic pipe culvert which is not allowed in Pulaski County,” Walden said. 

The County passed Ordinance # 16-OR-24 prohibiting the use of plastic pipe culverts in 2016.

The County accepts concrete or galvanized steel pipe. Galvanized steel is a metal pipe that is galvanized which prevents rust, Walden explained. 

After the permit purchase, Road and Bridge will send a drainage crew member to the property to size the pipe. The employee then calls the property owner with what size of pipe to buy, Walden said. 

Residents may access the driveway permit application here. Walden also mentioned that the County waives replacement fees for driveway culverts. For more information on driveway permits, call Road and Bridge at 501-340-6800.