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Landscape Maintenance

Pulaski County Stormwater – Landscape Maintenance It’s that time of year again, everything is blooming, the grass needs cutting, and it’s time to fertilize the flower beds. Did you know grass clippings, fertilizer, and soil can potentially pollute local waterways. Here are a few things you can do to cut down on the amount of […]

Little Maumelle Bridge Project Complete

The Little Maumelle Bridge project is finally complete. The seven month long project, engineered by Development Consultants Incorporated, began on July 25, 2015. DCI, along with Mobley Contractors, have constructed a newer, wider, and more durable bridge located half a mile past the Ferndale and Kanis intersection. The opening ceremony for the new bridge was […]

Storm Drain Illicit Discharge

Pulaski County passed a stormwater management ordinance in 2007. This ordinance was passed to assist in keeping local waterways clean and free of debris and other contaminates by regulating residential and commercial development, as well as illicit discharges. Did you know gray water is considered wastewater? According to the ordinance gray water is considered wastewater, […]