ACT Prep Instructors Needed

Since 2006, the Pulaski County Youth Services ACT Prep Program has served over 4,000 students, offering classes that focus on English, math, reading, science reasoning, and test-taking strategies. This class has been offered in several models, including a six Saturday course, a once-per-month course, one-day boot camps and intensive summer camp programs. The purpose of our ACT Prep program is to assist students in achieving their highest potential on the ACT exam, making them eligible for more college scholarship opportunities and reducing the number of students required to complete remedial courses.

The last formal evaluation of the program showed an average of a one- to three-point score increase, with nine-points being our highest increase in 2018. It is our mission to help students avoid the need to take remedial courses at the college level, making it easier for them to complete their post-secondary education degree requirements.

As we kickoff our 2019 ACT Prep Program, we are in search of licensed and well-experienced instructors to facilitate these sessions. Sessions usually occur one Saturday mornings for about three hours. Instructors are expected to provide effective test-taking tips and strategies in the subjects of English, math, reading and science. If you are interested, please contact Kaprese Warren at